The Little Book of Spiritual Bliss

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On the Back of the Book
We all have the capacity within ourselves to find spiritual bliss. It can be easy to get swept up in the chronic stress of modern life, but there is a way to anchor yourself to the benevolent spiritual Source that is contained within all our bodies.

By bringing the simple practices contained in this beautiful little book into your daily life, you can seek benevolent energy, develop stronger connections, feel more attunded to the wider world and create a healthier, happier you.

More About the Book
We live in a world of rampant stress, anxiety and pressure, where finding moments of stillness and connection can seem impossible.

By striving towards spiritual discovery, we can alleviate these feelings and be nurtured and guided through life. The Little Book of Spiritual Bliss contains the tools and practices to awaken and connect to your spiritual anchor and encourage feelings of inner contentment and spiritual calm.

Number of Pages: 96 (Paperback)

About the Author
Ashley Davis Bush (LICSW), has been a psychotherapist for 30 years and is currently in private practice in New Hampshire, USA. She is also a spiritual director trained in both Eastern and Western contemplative traditions. Ashley contributes articles to the Huffington Post on the subjects of grief, relationships, stress management, self-care and wellbeing. She is the author of eight books including The Little Book of Inner Peace and The Art & Power of Acceptance. She is happily married to her husband, Daniel, and together they have raised their five children.