Mood Incense Sticks

Mood Incense Sticks

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Sandalwood - Meditation: Sandalwood is a rich, sweet, earthy fragrance. Use this incense during Yoga, Meditation and Prayer or just to creat a pleasant atmosphere.

Lavender - Anti-Stress: Lavender has been a favourite fragrance for centuries. Lavender is said to relieve stress and create a peaceful atmosphere at home.

Jasmine - Divinity: Since ancient times, Jasmine flowers have been used as offerings to the Gods. Jasmine incense is said to create a supportive atmosphere for meditation and prayer.

Vanilla - Calming: Vanilla is a beautiful, calming fragrance. Vanilla is said to bring happiness and good fortune.

Frankincense - Spirituality: Frankincense has an intense thick scent reminiscent of woody forests. Frankincense is said to connect us to the spiritual self.

Aloe Vera - Healing: Aloe Vera is a fresh, herbal-type fragrance. Aloe Vera incense is said to have healing and calming effects.

Number of sticks per pack: 8 sticks

Stick length: Approximately 23 cms

Burn time per stick: About 40 minutes per stick 

Country of origin: India (repackaged in the UK)

More About Stamford Incense
Stamford incense is a company that likes to develop great value beautifully scented incense that is wonderful for home fragrancing. The scent of the incense tends to be quite perfumed when you smell them in the box and leaves a lovely scent that lingers in your home or work.